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Choice Custom Homes
May 13, 2014

Buying a Home? The Benefits of a Custom-Built Home

Buying a custom home offers consumers a number of benefits that existing homes don’t. Namely, potential homeowners get the opportunity to customize their new home to their liking, choosing among energy-efficient equipment and building materials, as well as identifying custom specifications for the home’s layout that suit their lifestyle.

Find out why you should explore the advantages that custom-built homes offer before assuming that a buying an existing home is the best way to go.

Benefits of Custom Homes

Let’s start with perhaps the most important perk: customer satisfaction. If you’re buying a home, choosing a custom-built one lets you control every detail from the countertops to the lighting to the appliances to the flooring—and more.

In the end, you’ll be satisfied with every gut-wrenching decision and glad you spent the time belaboring the options in granite countertops, brushed nickel lighting, and durable carpet. Ultimately, the investment in a custom home ensures a higher level of satisfaction, because you don’t have to compromise with the choices a previous homeowner made.

But there are even more benefits like these:

  • A one-of-a-kind home. No one else on the block will build a home like yours. It will be unique to your taste and your choices.
  • Green options. When you build a home from the ground up, you can easily work green features that enhance the home’s efficiency into the blueprints, whereas retrofitting an existing home with green features is sometimes impossible, if not a nuisance to undertake and a costly afterthought. When you’re building a custom home, you can plan to harness passive solar and greatly reduce energy costs, or use water-saving appliances throughout the home.
  • Extras. Are you a yoga enthusiast, do you collect historic cars, or do you swim daily? It’s possible to incorporate the space for such luxuries into a custom-built home, but they’re hard to find in existing homes.
  • Special needs. Do you have a multigenerational family and need an extra living area, or do you expect to retire in your home and need Universal Design features like low wide doorways and one-level layouts? Creating a customized home helps to account for present and future needs.
  • Resale value. Many areas where new homes are built are controlled by homeowners associations, which help keep resale values up. As a result, your investment in a new home is somewhat guaranteed to hold its value, at least in terms of what other neighbors can and can’t do to bring neighborhood home values down.
  • Maintenance. With a custom home, there is less maintenance required initially, since you’re starting out with new paint and flooring, as well as new appliances and mechanical systems. You can keep track of maintenance records and easily plan for upgrades. With existing older homes, appliances and HVAC systems are used, and it’s hard to know the condition and installation practices for plumbing and electrical systems.

Work with a reputable builder to create the custom home of your dreams. If you’re buying a home, talk to the area’s leading experts. Choice Custom Homes serves the Greater Omaha Metropolitan Area with pride, and we’ve helped countless homeowners build the homes of their dreams, one brick at a time.


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