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design a fabulous kitchen
November 11, 2014

Buying a New Home? Design a Fabulous Kitchen

Planning a kitchen is one of the more exciting projects homeowners look forward to when buying a home. However, knowing how to design a fabulous kitchen involves a number of key decisions that affect day-to-day activities like preparing and cooking food. The kitchen is also the hub for families, where kids do homework and entertaining takes place. The modern kitchen has to play a number of roles, balancing functionality within the design. When you’re designing a new kitchen, the sky is limit, because you’re not limited by someone else’ style choices.

Where style and utility meet

To connect the practicality that your kitchen needs with the style it must have, keep these factors in mind:

Work with an expert.

The insight experts have on the location of appliances to sinks and outlets is invaluable. Careful planning ensures the design of your functional kitchen will meet your needs and deliver satisfaction for years to come.  Ultimately, the kitchen should match your lifestyle. If you’re a gourmet chef, opt for top-of-the-line appliances and a double oven, for example. If you’re a wine enthusiast, check out built-in wine racks, custom built wine cellars, and storage facilities.

The best laid plans.

The ideal kitchen—and the plan most kitchens follow—is the triangle path cooks make between the fridge, stove and sink when prepping meals. Professional kitchen designers and builders follow this rule of thumb: There should be less than 23 feet running from the oven, sink and fridge, with counters next to each component.

Space considerations.

Most kitchens fall under a few common layouts. There’s the L-shape kitchen, with one long and one short row of counters; the U-shape kitchen, which runs in the shape of a “u”; and a G-shape kitchen, which is a U- or L-shaped kitchen with an opening for a breakfast nook or family room; and the galley kitchen, which is basically two rows of counters with an aisle running through it. In many of these kitchens, depending on the square footage, homeowners can opt to include an island.

Features and amenities.

With the plan for the layout in hand, you can move onto other factors that affect functionality and style. These include the cabinets, countertops, flooring and lighting. Marry durability and style by choosing lasting granite countertops. Opt for custom cabinets that hide appliances. Or go for moderately priced cabinets and splurge on high-end appliances. Manufacturers now create cabinets with clever functional features, like self-closing drawers and lighted, pull-out drawers inside of cabinets. Select the style and color of cabinets, countertops, flooring and lighting that match your design aesthetic, whether it be contemporary, modern or country. Often, expert advice during this phase helps homeowners achieve continuity in the kitchen’s style.

With expert guidance from the professionals at Custom Choice Homes, you can design a fabulous kitchen. We’ve been helping homeowners in and around Omaha with quality custom-built homes, and we can walk you through the process of building a custom home, from selecting a home plan to choosing light fixtures for your kitchen.


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