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custom kitchen cabinets
March 11, 2015

Finding Appliances to Fit Your Custom Kitchen

The beauty and elegance of cabinets in your custom home are foundational to your kitchen design. Left unchecked, kitchen appliances can often overwhelm the space and as a result, homeowners are frequently in search of solutions to soften the appearance of dominating appliances. Cabinet appliance panels are a great option to have appliances compliment rather than monopolize the kitchen.

Most every major kitchen appliance can accept cabinet panels, and your cabinet builder or supplier can provide custom panels for your panel-ready refrigerator/freezer, dishwasher, beverage refrigerator, trash compressor, freezer and warming drawers and other appliances.

Two options to keep in mind as you consider this choice in your custom built home are fully integrated appliances and panel ready appliances.

Fully Integrated Appliances

A fully integrated appliance is the only way to get a true full-cabinet look. Fully integrated appliances are equipped with concealed hinges and door gaskets and because of these details, appliances seamlessly become part of the refined look of the kitchen cabinetry. The result is a unified, elegant, and stately looking kitchen. A refrigerator can be conveniently placed immediately adjacent to the pantry with both cabinet doors appearing identical, providing superior function and design.

custom kitchen cabinets

Disguising your appliances gives a dramatic and refined look to your custom home’s kitchen. This design style works with all kitchen decor – contemporary or classic, minimalist or ornate – and creates a striking visual coherence between cabinetry and other design elements.

Panel Ready Appliances

Panel ready appliances provide a cabinet panel on the front while keeping the outer hinges and gaskets. Typically, side cabinet panels are added as a way to conceal the sides of the appliance. Alternatively, the appliance can be installed into a cabinet box. When making the choice for panel ready appliances, carefully discuss with your home builder whether or not the sides of your appliances will be visible so you can plan accordingly.

When choosing panel ready appliances over fully integrated ones, think “blend” as opposed to “disguise.” Although hinges and gaskets are visible, you will still achieve a softening effect using cabinet panels at a cost typically less than half of fully integrated panel appliances.

Both solutions give you wonderful design possibilities to create a look unique to your custom home. The experts at Choice Custom Homes will guide you through the process of determining which cabinet appliances will make your dream kitchen a reality.



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