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June 15, 2015

Breathtaking New Custom Home in Omaha

Building your custom home provides you with many opportunities to put your unique personality into the design of your home. The possibilities are exciting and endless! Choice Custom Homes has taken those possibilities and helped many homeowners turn the possibilities into the home that perfectly fits them and their families. One recently built Choice custom home had some extraordinary and unique features – we thought we would share a few of them with you.

High Ceilings with an Interior Dropped Gable Wall

When entering this home, what immediately catches the eye are the breathtaking, soaring ceilings, which give the home both an elegant and a welcoming feel. Because the main floor open spaces have no dividing walls, visual interest was added by dropping a defining kind of partition from the ceiling. This beautiful gable-like wall has bays cut out and framed, allowing all the natural light to continue to the flood the home, but giving the large main-floor living space incredible definition.

choice custom homes DSC09381


Contemporary Focal Fireplaces

Within the main floor space are two fireplaces, each unique, but serving the purpose of defining the large space without using dividing walls. The fireplace in the main room is a very contemporary flat screen, glass front fireplace. Eye catching on its own, this fireplace is mounted on a fabulous feature-wall that has been offset with a contrasting wall color extending onto a well-thought out custom ceiling feature.

choice custom homes

Feature Artistic Wall

Heading to the basement of this incredible custom home provides yet another stunning visual experience. A planked two-story wall with amazing mounted light fixtures gives this lake home a hint of a nautical feel and prepares you for a change of scenery leading to an incredible walk-out basement. The entire wall presents like a piece of art in the home and is certainly one of the reasons Choice Homes enjoys specializing in building custom homes!

choice custom homes

Amazing Flooring

The walk-out basement of this custom built home is like no other – a home gym, full basement kitchen leading to a backyard pool and access to a magnificent large lake. The captivating feature throughout the basement is what appears to be the white-washed wood floors. A closer look reveals this “wood” is actually ceramic tile fashioned to resemble hardwood floors. The beauty of these floors is matched only by functionality that is necessary in this home due to the nearby pool, lake, and sand, all of which inevitably end up to some degree in the house. This tile that looks like hardwood flooring provides this home a tough, moisture-resistant, wear resistance surface with a stunning look.

choice custom homes



Choice Custom homes can help you bring to life those unique features you have dreamed of in building your new home.



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