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October 15, 2015

The Benefits of Geothermal Furnaces for Custom Built Homes

geothermal [jee-oh-thur-muh l] 1. of or relating to the internal heat of the earth.

What are geothermal furnaces?

Living in our part of the Country, it would be an understatement to say that outdoor temperatures fluctuate with the changing seasons. We’re accustomed to these wild and extreme fluctuations so it’s a little hard for us to wrap our minds around the fact that 4-6 feet below the ground, temperatures don’t change much. To this we say “thank you” for the insulating properties of the earth as it’s this insulation and constant temperature that geothermal heating and cooling systems tap into to help regulate a home’s temperature.

How it Works

Geothermal heating/cooling systems operate on the basis of heat transfer and use a series of pipes buried under the ground to tap into the heat that’s naturally stored in the earth. A typical backyard in Nebraska contains over 10 times the energy needed to heat/cool your custom home for an entire season!

The system operates using an unending resource recharged by the sun and the surrounding earth. No need for natural gas, propane, oil, or other fossil fuels – there’s no need for concern over carbon monoxide or other leaks in your home. This system is highly energy efficient and environmentally responsible (systems emit no greenhouse gasses).

benefits of a geothermal furnace

Diagram of how geothermal HVAC systems work. Illustration from Modern Geothermal HVAC

Why Consider a Geothermal Furnace?

Although the initial cost of the system is higher than your typical HVAC, there are many benefits to installing a qualifying geothermal system both environmentally and economically.

Economically, the best time to install a geothermal unit is at the time your custom home is being built. The cost of the unit is included in your mortgage and the added monthly cost as a result of the unit, is easily offset by the monthly reduction in energy costs.

Presently there are Federal and State incentives for geothermal HVAC systems installed in your home. Choice Custom Homes works with the geothermal HVAC professionals in our area who keep current with the many Federal and State incentives available to homeowners. Currently, up to 30% of the installed cost is recoverable through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Tax Act of 2009 (ARRA) and is available through December 2016. Consider also the tax rebates of 30% on anything (like heated flooring for example) that’s tied into a geothermal furnace.

Imagine building a home in which the temperature is always comfortable, and the heating and cooling system is out of sight – a system that performs efficiently but doesn’t require extensive maintenance on the part of the owners. The home shares energy with the earth similar to the way the roots of the trees exchange the essentials of life to their leaves and branches. Sounds comfortable, right? Geothermal heating and cooling makes that vision a reality.


Have you ever looked into purchasing a geothermal furnace for your home? If not, why not?


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